Dubai is a hub for startups and entrepreneurs, attracting investors from different corners of the world. However, as a foreigner, you need a local sponsor to register your business in Dubai. But, what are the criteria for becoming a local sponsor in Dubai? In this article, we will go through the requirements to become a sponsor and give you tips on how to register your company in Dubai.

Devenir un sponsor local à Dubaï : ce qu’il faut savoir

To become a local sponsor in Dubai, you must be a UAE national or a company that is entirely owned by UAE nationals. The local sponsor is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits and licenses to register a company in Dubai. Additionally, the sponsor will own 51% of the company’s shares, while the remaining 49% will be owned by the foreign investor.

As a foreign investor, choosing the right sponsor is crucial. It would be best to look for sponsors who have a good reputation and a solid understanding of the local market. You can ask for recommendations from other businesses or use the services of a reliable concierge service, such as Conciergerie Dubai, to help you find the right sponsor for your business.

Faites le plein de conseils pour enregistrer votre entreprise à Dubaï !

Once you have found the right sponsor, the next step is to register your company in Dubai. The process can be overwhelming, but with the help of a concierge service such as Conciergerie Dubai, you can simplify the process.

It is essential to have a clear idea about the type of business you want to start, the location, and the legal structure. Depending on the type of business activity, you may have to obtain specific permits and licenses. A concierge service can help you identify the permits you need and streamline the registration process.

In conclusion, becoming a local sponsor in Dubai requires you to be a UAE national or a company owned by UAE nationals. Choosing the right sponsor is crucial to the success of your business. Partnering with a reliable concierge service such as Conciergerie Dubai can help you navigate the legal processes of registering a business in Dubai. With the right sponsor and the right paperwork, you can successfully establish your business in Dubai and make a mark in the global market.

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